I started making paper mache props for my Halloween display ... and didn't stop.

The cheap plastic and foam skulls from the dollar store look pretty fake, but with a little paper mache and paint, you can make them look pretty gruesome. This is what got me started. Check out my early Haloween stuff.

Here is an Paper Mache Orc I made, inspired by Orgim from the 2016 World of Warcraft movie.

Most of the creatures I've made so far have been for my Halloween display (Yes, I'm one of those guys who goes crazy at Halloween. Unfortunately I live in rainy Vancouver, so after a couple weeks, the paper mache has turned to mush-ay, so I have to throw them away.

Here's A crow I made. The beak didn't really look like a crow's beak. It looked more like a plague mask. So I added some leather and a hat and it's a plague- crow!