For Sale

If you would like a custom sculpture commissioned, or would like to buy one of the pieces you've seen on this blog, contact me at:

Richard Neuman
North Vancouver, BC

Email  or call 604-817-1032.

Here are some current Items for Sale:

Venus Fly Trap $150
Inspired by Little Shop of Horrors
Indoor / Outdoor

Looks great inside, but can withstand the elements in the garden as well.

I was tired of having my Halloween props turn to mush after 2 weeks in the rain, so I made this little guy out of cement! There's even a hole in the back of his throat for any water that collects in his mouth to drain out.

Frame: Coat hanger and Wire Mesh
Pot: Ceramic filled with rocks & Mortar
Mache: Flexbond Thin-set Mortar
Paint: Exterior House paint & Acrylic
Coating: Silicone thining with camping fuel
Teeth: Air- Dry clay with fluorescent paint.
Leaves: Fake from Michael's